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"Non-invasive, Non-surgical  solution for disc problem"

If there was no alternative to surgery, now, get a more comfortable decompression treatment.

JOY Chiropractic

Treatment of Neck and Low back disc herniation, Degenerative discs.
Bulging discs.

various spinal diseases
and pain
Child Health


Disc treatment
- Now, kick away the fear of surgery.
The best alternative without surgery

and without pain

- Decompression therapy.

Disc Decompression Therapy at
Joy Chiropractic

           ** Medical subject **

(Various spinal diseases and pain)
- Chiropractic correction, pelvic correction
- Neck pain, sciatica

chronic/recurrent back pain
- Headache, shoulder pain, knee pain, muscle pain
- Arm/leg numbness, wrist/ankle pain

Auto accident injuries
- Degenerative arthritis

Prenatal/postpartum back pain, sports accidents

Installation of state-of-the-art disc therapy decompressor


*Growing Child Health Clinic
- Posture correction, imbalanced growth

Flexion of the spine (Scoliosis), strengthening of concentration

About Us

disc treatment
- Now, kick away the fear of surgery.
The best alternative without surgery
and without pain

- Decompression therapy.

Get a clean treatment.

Treatment by introducing a state-of-the-art disc treatment decompressor
Get a clean treatment at Joy Chiropractic.



Joy H. Kim, DC
Chiropractor / 척추신경전문의


I am JOY H. KIM, director of JOY Chiropractic, which provides clean treatment for various spinal diseases and pains by introducing a state-of-the-art decompression device without surgery.

Disc treatment of the neck and waist, now, you can kick off the fear of surgery. Spine and pelvic correction and neck pain, sciatica, chronic and recurrent back pain, headache, shoulder and knee pain, muscle pain, back and arm and leg numbness, wrist and ankle pain, and traffic accident sequelae and degenerative arthritis, prenatal/ We treat postpartum back pain and accidents caused by exercise.

In addition, we are running a health clinic for growing children, and we are providing treatments such as posture correction, imbalanced growth, scoliosis, and concentration enhancement for children.

Please do not tolerate the pain anymore and visit our
JOY Chiropractic.
Our Dentists

Joy Chiropractic,
Zero Gravity Decompression Spinal Disc Treatment

“We give you the pleasure of being freed from pain.” ‘Joy Chiropractic.(Director Joy Kim) located in Fullerton is offering free counseling and a special discount for the first check-up in the new year.

Joy Chiropractic, which has provided joy to patients suffering from neck and back disc pain for over 10 years in Orange County, has helped many patients without surgery through spinal correction and weightless decompression disc treatment.
I am being treated.

Dr. Joy Kim emphasized, “Many patients do not take the herniated disc seriously.

“If you miss the treatment period, you will suffer as much as you suffer and you will have a , so you should seek a specialist immediately when you feel something wrong with your body,” She emphasizes.

Director Kim, who majored in biochemistry at UCLA, became interested in spinal nerves while suffering from headaches and indigestion after a minor car accident during her school days.


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1401 S. Brookhurst Rd. #103

Fullerton, CA 92833

Tel : 714-449-9700 

Fax : 714-449-9992 

Opening Hours

Monday : 9 AM–12:30 PM,  2:30–6 PM

Tuesday : Closed

Wednesday : 9 AM–12:30 PM,  2:30–6 PM

Thursday : Closed

Friday : 9 AM–12:30 PM,  2:30–6 PM

Saturday : 9 AM–12 PM

Sunday : Closed

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